What people are saying about the Art of Tech

Hearing the stories of how people have benefited from our services is one of the most rewarding aspects of our work. The following are some testimonials that we have received from clients. If you have a story you would like to share we would love to hear from you!

Buffalo Marine Construction

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The Art of Tech took us from an old canned web-builder page to a modern, responsive website that ranks high in searches and looks great! We highly recommend their services for anyone who wants a better business presence on the web.

Tim Nelson and James Flash

Studio Suspenshén

image of Studio Suspenshén logo for Testimonial

As a small business owner combining one on one health care sessions, group classes and practitioner trainings, I rely heavily on the computer for organization, communication, marketing, efficiency etc. I can honestly say that without the help provided by John Chase I wouldn’t have come close to achieving the goals I set for myself. Working with John over the last couple of years has been fun, instructive, reliable, life saving (business wise), and essential for helping my business become more efficient while continuing to grow. His guidance has been essential for helping me establish and maintain everything from online scheduling to helping initiate the start of an updated web-site that will open the door to many more opportunities. Not only is John highly skilled at what he does, more importably he listens closely to what your needs are and works hard to come up with creative solutions that meet those needs. If you’re looking to re-design or create a web site, or want any other computer oriented advice and help, I recommend John Chase wholeheartedly for the job.

Norman Allard, D.C.

Selasee and Fafa Family

image of Selasee Music logo for Testimonial

I had the opportunity to hire the services of John Chase to build a new website for my music business recently and am so glad I did! He provided exceptional services, very professional about the way he went about his business to meet all the goals needed by providing extraordinary services throughout the process. The least I would say is that the value of the services he provided was worth much more than what I payed for and not to mention all the quality support service he provides whenever I need any sort of help with the functioning of the website. I am absolutely recommending his services to anyone that requires any sort of web work!

Selasee Atiase

Healing Touch Chiropractic of Boulder, PLLC.

image of Healing Touch Chiropractic logo for Testimonial

I contacted John and the Art of Tech team after tiring of my previous “cookie-cutter” website. From our first meeting, he really understood my business and need for a website that is uniquely me. His expertise and attention to detail is impressive and I learned a lot about website development too! Whether you are considering a website for the first time or have had one for years, John is the go-to-get-it-right guy. Looking forward to a lasting business relationship that continues to show and grow my business. I am most grateful to John and Art of the Tech team!”

Joanie DeBever, D.C.

Vivian Long Art

image of Vivian Long Art logo for Testimonial

John (and the Art of Tech Team) is fantastic! He really is up on his art and his tech and understands what it takes to make a website work optimally. I have an image intensive site that required pulling together a lot of different pieces. John was very responsive to my needs and came up with good suggestions and good solutions. I heartily recommend his services.

Vivian Long

Pakalolo Lighting

image of Pakalolo Lighting icon for Testimonial

Wonderfully executed website! Thrilled…

Elisa Love
Pakalolo Lighting

Magnolia Forest Group, NFP Testimonial

image of Magnolia Forest Group logo for Testimonial

As a board member of the NFP Magnolia Forest Group, I recently engaged the services of John Chase and The Art of Tech, LLC for extensive consulting advice in the design of a web site for our NFP Magnolia Forest Group. We are *very* pleased with the site results and greatly appreciated all of John’s guidance and suggestions throughout the process. His patient nature was essential for this collaboration! I would certainly use his services again and recommend him to others considering anything regarding web site design or issues related to.

Yvonne Short

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