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As a small business owner combining one on one health care sessions, group classes and practitioner trainings, I rely heavily on the computer for organization, communication, marketing, efficiency etc. I can honestly say that without the help provided by John Chase I wouldn’t have come close to achieving the goals I set for myself. Working with John over the last couple of years has been fun, instructive, reliable, life saving (business wise), and essential for helping my business become more efficient while continuing to grow. His guidance has been essential for helping me establish and maintain everything from online scheduling to helping initiate the start of an updated web-site that will open the door to many more opportunities. Not only is John highly skilled at what he does, more importably he listens closely to what your needs are and works hard to come up with creative solutions that meet those needs. If you’re looking to re-design or create a web site, or want any other computer oriented advice and help, I recommend John Chase wholeheartedly for the job.

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